2012 Turasan Kalecik Karasi

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2012 Turasan Kalecik Karasi


Aromas of red fruits: raspberries, currants, and ripe cherry

Product Description

Aromas of red fruits: raspberries, currants, and ripe cherry.

Kalecik Karasi (pronounced Kah-le-djic Car-ah-ser) is a blue-black grape indigenous to Turkey and known for producing fruity wines with low to medium tannins and bright acidity. Although compared to Pinot Noir at times because of its similar red-fruit orientation on the palate, in reality that is where all other similarities end. Kalicek Karasi is unique on its own. Red fruits predominate on the palate with characteristics of vanilla and cocoa undercurrents. Turasan winery is located in the heart of Cappadocia and Kalecik Karasi from this region takes on the characteristics of the terroir. Cappadocia is located on high altitude with limited water supply allowing the grapes to take longer in reaching maturity thereby making the aromas of red fruit, raspberry, red currant and cherry all the more intense and vibrant. Turkey is an emerging wine region. Many believe that modern-day Turkey is the birthplace of wine. Turkey has more than 800 genetically different indigenous varietals and the wines are made with both international and native grapes.

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