Castillo de Feliciana

///Castillo de Feliciana

Castillo de Feliciana is proud to offer a distinct collection of wines that echo the style and taste of Spain. The vibrant white wines are food-­friendly, featuring citrus flavors and a crisp acidity. Highly drinkable red varietals are reminiscent of wines from Spain’s famous La Rioja region-­‐characterized by their deep ruby color, elegant tannins, ripe fruit and spice flavors. No matter which Castillo de Feliciana wine you choose to savor, you’ll enjoy a delicious experience.

The wines of Castillo de Feliciana have a sense of place. They are the summation of the geology, geography, climate and the culture of those who tend the land. This is the Spanish idea of elaborar. The culture is one of a Spanish, or Latin American, mindset — one of hedonism; of enjoying the simple pleasures in life. And enjoying above all else friendship, family, good food and, of course, amazing wines.